Tuesday, 17 April 2018


Eastern News Agency in collaboration with Avakum Media Llc proud to released second edition in English version of the Book : VLADIMIR PUTIN – TOP LEADER OF THE MODERN MANKIND. THROUGH THE EYES FROM BENGAL,authored by Dr. Ashok Gupta : now available on Googles play store : Please check out https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobincube.sc_DII8M6

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Vladimir Putin– Top Leader of the Modern Humanity .

                                                                  Through the eyes of the Bengal
                                                                         A Post summary 

The philanthropic  author Dr. Ashok Gupta  has aid the Life story of the Great Leader and  President Vladimir Putin and its charismatic , dynamic multi dimensional leadership that influence over the world focusing his strength , acumen , management of worldly affairs and foreign diplomacy .

The book of V.V. Putin emphasized strongly the participation of President Putin after the fall of Soviet Union (Former USSR) , his struggle to emerge new Russian Federation as super power before the global platform in search of global harmony , peace and multi lateral united friendship.

Motivation of the book summarized then leadership of President Putin , his legacy and aristocratic steps before the global politics , his convincing and friendly approach  towards the development of peace and harmony into world affairs.

The Russian socio –economic structure, the foreign policies the flow of the economic inflation and technocracies are the main high lights of the book that President Putin possesses.

The Author with his third eye intellectual sights covers extensive summary of the President Putin and his struggle to convey Russian Federation – a  Super Power to the Global platform .

Such splendid write up at international level will play a lead role into world politics symbolizing the Great leader as an Iconic Leader of the planet for the cause of peace , harmony and meeting up global socio political jargon.

Readers will be amazed to get to know the President Putin multi talented moral leadership  quality , his self beliefs , his strategies , his sacrifices , his patriotism that emerged Russian Federation into  great Super Power and thus  Vladimir Putin now termed as most influential leader of the world before globalization .

The author  Dr. Ashok Gupta belongs to Bangladeshi aristocratic family of veteran political leaders. He is philanthropist / economist /educationist andmember ,IIA , United nation. The author acquired extensive knowledge over Russian Federation and build strong social ties and served during many occasions keeping his socio – managerial roles for Eastern Europe and positioned in the CIS chamber of commerce as Chairman & President  in several occasions , much to his credit. He also studied In Russia at St. Petersberg

Republished by : Eastern News Agency ENA , Bangladesh and Avakum Media LLC , Russia  in joint collaboration in the year 2018 in Russian version originally .

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Thursday, 31 August 2017

ENA Bringing 50 Top European Universities to hold International Education Fair to be held in Nepal and Bangladesh

Honorary consul general of Spain honoured
Thursday, August 31, 2017 | ePaper

Honorary consul general of Spain honoured

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ESL Crest being presented recently to the honorary consul general of Spain for Nepal.

A Latvia Based Bangladesh Company Europe Studies Limited (ESL) bringing 50 European University upcoming October 2017 to uphold education exhibition in Kathmandu and Dhaka headed by Omar Yasser Mallick Chief Editor, Eastern News Agency (ENA).
7 Honorary Consul General of prospective European countries showed their gratitude and assured fullest co operation for multilateral interest in order to open up new horizon for SAARC student at global platform , says a press release .
ESL recently presented Souvenir to all honorary consul general for Europe in Kathmandu.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Essence of ERP software in Bangladesh

Perspective Digital Bangladesh-

Literally definition of Enterprise Resource Planning Software is wide spectrum before globalization as its effects in today’s modernization in regards to “state of the art” facilities- as very subjective, informative & integrated business process management modules.
The recent connotation addressed by Mr.Sajeeb Wazed Joy , ICT Advisor to Honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh remarking “Bangladesh is no longer a poor country. It is now officially a middle income country. Per capita income has more than doubled during the past six years of our Government, poverty level almost halved, tremendous development in all socioeconomic sectors”. Needless to point out that the pivotal role of such advancement is owing to “Digitization Platform & its exclusive unparalleled achievement of Bangladesh ICT sectors, no doubt about it.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) as overall is a comprehensive defined software modules for any business organizational management behaviors. The software process management
integrates real time artificial intelligence tasking that interact multi operational roles storing full
packet of data back from general administration to entire supply chain management of any
types of businesses to control , centralize with option of de-centralization of business which
ultimately ends as “ as one stop solutions” or can be hypothetically termed as ‘Business in the

Such versatile technique of real time software is rare case in this worldly phenomenon and off- course ,a big thanks to the founder Mr. Richard Lawson, Bill Lawson, and business partner,John Cerullo of SAP (Systemanalyse und Programmentwicklung) back in 1975.The purpose of ERP at then period was to execute Market Requirement Planning & obviously production cost Control. Thus ERP in general came into existence in the year 1975 and later company like IBM , SAGE, MICROSOFT , ORACLE took over and started their journey with innovative footsteps regardless Bangladeshi companies are nowadays bind themselves in the race too.

One of the most prominent company namely “DIVINE IT LIMITED” of Bangladesh recently
initiated ERP software which is internet onsite enabled integrated real time artificial intelligence solutions and create an enormous space in Bangladesh commerce & industries to enable them significantly cost effective solutions to control entire business management of any types.The recent format of the ERP which is remarkably known as “PRISM ERP” developed by Divine IT Limited takes over the catches of Businesses & Industries of Bangladesh and Government company’s Like ‘TITAS GAS’ & many more are in the pipeline and taking the advantage of such cost effective cutting edge technology at their perusal.

Prism ERP “ The blue eyed multi-tasking management Software” is fully integrated business process management solutions which is fully internet enabled solutions that covers entire supply chain management of any types of businesses. Prism ERP is fully automated real time artificial intelligence software and very much user friendly compliance covering from financial accounting management , manufacturing & production management rounding up to Human Resource management & Commerce management too . It covers entire structure of business modules.

Bangladesh as remarked by Mr. Sajeb Wazed Joy now turning as a middle income country in
the globalization platform. There is no alternative without the engagement of information superhighway with innovative role structure. The software industries of Bangladesh are playing effective roles and to uphold the image of Bangladesh Digital platforms company like Divine IT Limited and many more should come up to-gather with the support of the Bangladesh ICT mainstreams and to flourish rightful application of software solutions & package and implement strong digital platforms . As it is cost effective solution with the state of the cutting edge technology. The call of Bangladesh to be a Hi –Tech country is utmost necessary and Bangladesh can emerge a pioneer ICT sectors before globalization .

Monday, 2 March 2015


                                                         - A Commentary Report 

Social Media is a communal medium paving in the information superhighway through the state of the art technology. Predominantly Social Media associated with universal coverage thus the communal inhabitants of the world is under the grab of Social Media in broader spectrum , nowadays. No doubt . 

Social Media Platforms occupies major computing arena in the field of commercialization of advertisement , communal interactions globally associated with IT & Telecom amenities. As such the mass community accommodated social media as day to day affairs to en-route  communal cultural exchange & heritages . 
Hence Bangladesh communal cultures subjected with  the same essence of Social media profoundly  day by day in order to be compliant with global affairs both at domestic & international levels.

The presence of Social media usage & coverage here in Bangladesh heightened up enormously
as such the people of Bangladesh are well aware of any facts prevailing countrywide and on the other side internationally. Thanks to the advancement of the State of the Art Technology by the Social Media reformers - off course. However the coin has opposite sides too. Keeping it mind , the Reformers of Social Media entrepreneur  should emphasize 
some major security platform to safeguard & protect interest of each communal societies of global States.

The so called Social Media communicator in the form of  Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Yelp, Foursquare, Pinterest, Instragam , Blogs , Tumblr playing a pivotal role in the mass community globally. It is a fact but on the other hand the risk of unidentified users to camouflage social scenario of each STATE are under the threats of rhetoric scoops resulting fabrication & falsified statement before globalization . The sub-judicial  matter are becoming questionable and falsified statement becoming facts all over Bangladesh. Those are the alarming issues to deal with both the Bangladesh Legislators and the Social Media Reformers at quickest possible time which is the necessity of the hour of Bangladesh. 

The Legislators of Bangladesh should notify the reformers of Social Media Entrepreneurs to accommodate Bangladesh users through process of verification and methodology can be alternate in many legitimate ways better known by the State of the Art technologist . Such verification process will keep the data of the users on records by both sides to safeguard national interest. The Bangladesh Legislators should also impose rules of procedure to Mass Media , Print Media & Electronic media of Bangladesh not to remark & quote social media news scoops as a fact. The Mass Media of Bangladesh should realize that news scoops by Social Media associated with users open intentions merely having any adequate references and source of lawful evidence. As such pseudo communal groups are retrieving benefit of the total scenario filling up malicious objectivity. It is not acceptable to any independent states or motherland that usage of social media will play a role of fast- hand communicator before globalization distorting national prides. Social Media only recalls communal cultural interactions for communal harmony instead politicization. 

Friday, 20 February 2015


Undoubtedly the "International Mother Language Day" more appropriately "AMOR EKUSHEY" is the historic moment of Bangladesh to celebrate globally.  A big thanks & salutation to UNESCO & UN who declared on 7th Of November 1999 that 21st of February “ will be remarked as "International Mother Language Day" for Bangladesh to celebrate globally.

Well acknowledgment of the factual matter, in principle, is a broad spectrum honor & recognition for Bangladesh State Language which profoundly carries the outcome of all Intellectual Martyrs of 1952 Language Movement sacrifices definitely. 

Nevertheless today at first hour of the night at 12:00 a.m the Bangladesh President Abdul Hamid , Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina paid deep tribute with red roses loops all over to the Language movement Martyrs of 1952  in “Martyrs Monument” ( Shaheed Minar) followed by State Guest West Bengal Chief Minister (CM) Mamata Banerjee of India showing one minute beep silence led with entire nations.

President Abdul Hamid & Prime Minster Sheikh Hasina conveyed deep tribute to Martyrs of 1952

West Bengal CM Mamta Banarjee along with her delegation conveyed tribute to Martyrs of 1952

The State Guest W.C.M Mamta Banajee with pride on her heart -paid the same tribute to the cause of the Intellectual Martyrs of the 1952 Language Movement of Bangladesh. Such significant moment was full of emotional sphere for the Bangladesh nations & STATES too.Presenting the facts in conjunction the celebration marked by Bangladesh & India to-gather signifies good suffice of INDO-Bangla relationship.

Furthermore it will enhance more deeper & stronger bonding for bilateral interest between the two Republics in the pipeline.On contrary, the recent visit of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee along with her delegation met President Adul Hamid and the President has expressed the hope that all pending issues between Bangladesh and India would be resolved through the visit of Mamata Banerjee," President's press secretary Ihsanul Karim told BSS after the meeting. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banarjee also paid courtesy visit to President family members after the meeting according to source.